Open doors and gates without intercoms, card readers, keyfobs, and parking remotes by using your smart phone.

Gloocel is the amazing smartphone app that brings smart home functionality to multi-residential and commercial buildings

By simply touching the door open icon on your mobile device, or by using voice activation, entry to your building becomes quick and easy. Gloocel allows users to leverage existing apps — like Facetime — to visually verify identities for enhanced security, or by texting if you want to let someone know you’ve opened the door.

For people with disabilities, our technology is a game changer. Using a mobile phone as an intercom improves accessibility. Visitors to a Gloocel facility can use their device to let a tenant know to open a door doorto allow entry. A QR code can be posted at the door with a link to abuilding directory, if desired.

As an access control system, residents open doors and parking gates using the appropriate door or gate open icon on their phone. This eliminates costly card readers, keyfobs, and parking remotes.

Gloocel is designed with all of the advanced access control features required to secure multi-user facilities including schedules, time zones, groups, and sophisticated admin logs, alarms, andmanagement options.

The Gloocel platform does not require proprietary or dedicated locking hardware. Gloocel IOT devices turn any electric lock or gate into a smart device.

Each Gloocel device can control up to 8 doors and gates on a network. All programming is done in the cloud. Users just download the Gloocel appand use the door open icon menu.

Incredible Avenues for Savings

Gloocel allows you to admit visitors without the need for expensive intercom panels. Usually priced at several thousand dollars and up, Gloocel represents an enormous savings. For gates, Gloocel also eliminates the need for intercom pedestal mounts. You can now open doors without the need for costly keyfobs, card readers, or access control panels. Simply connect Gloocel to your existing locks.

Gloocel can open vehicular gates, too, without the need for costly parking remote controls. With hundreds of parking remote controls being used in most projects the savings become substantial. In addition to cost savings on electronics, Gloocel reduces construction costs by eliminating theconduit and cable normally required for intercoms and card readers.

But Gloocel isn’t just about saving money. It’s about providing a leading edge access experience for today’s tech savvy clients. It’s about making buildings more accessible for people with disabilities. It’s simply cooler, more secure, and more convenient.

Gloocel is the leading provider of next generation Cloud centric residential and commercial security systems.

Gloocel Features

Increase Security &Privacy

With Gloocel, your call display tells you who’s at the door. You have the privacy of declining to answer a call from the door and not letting visitors know you’re home. A traditional intercom doesn’t let you know who’s there until you answer a call.

Eliminate Language Barriersfor Visitors

Intercoms each have unique and often confusing English only instructions for visitors. Gloocel doesn’t care if visitors speak English, Spanish, French, Chinese, or any other language. With Gloocel, you just use your own smartphone.

Improved Accessibility for Disabilities

People with mobility, vision, or hearing impairments can use existing assistive smart apps to communicate through Gloocel. This includes texting, voice to text, volume enhancements, Facetime, and voice.

Get Greener With Gloocel

Gloocel makes your building morecompliant with LEED and other green building initiatives by reducing wire and conduit associated with traditional systems. With Gloocel, there are no intercom panels or card readersrequiring electrical power.

Simplified System Management

Gloocel users can be added or deleted at any time by simply downloading the app. Not only that, but tenants can add short term visitors with limited permissions — without consulting management.

Give Your Building’s Lobby A Clean Look

With Gloocel, there are no intercom panels or card readers mounted on the wall. Your entrances will retain their original architectural impact — very desirable, especially for historically recognized buildings.

Eliminate Service Costs and System Down Time

Touchscreen and other intercom systems are expensive to maintain. They are often exposed to the elements and can be damaged by vandalism. Gloocel opens doors securely, minimizesexpensive service calls, and can’t be vandalized or used to break into buildings.

Supports Existing Systems and Elevator Control

Gloocel is able to work with existing security systems. It can be used in conjunction with traditional keyfob and intercom systems to improve access for the disabled, or to augment those systems. Gloocel works with any elevator system to control access to restricted floors.

Technical Specifications

Each Gloocel device includes the capability to control up to 8 doors and/or gates and includes:

  • 8 Normally Closed Relay Contacts
  • DC: 30 Vdc @ 1 Adc; AC: 60 Vac @ 0.5 Aa
  • 8 Digital Inputs
  • 4 Wiegand Inputs
  • 1 Wiegand Output – Elevator control
  • Power: 12-16 VDC
  • Connectivity: Ethernet 10/100 Base T
  • Temperature: 0 to140 degrees F
  • Humidity: 5-95% non-condensing

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